A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used to distinguish the products or services using it, and to identify that they originate from a unique source. Typically a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image or combination of these elements, trademarks may also be based on color, smell, or sound.

A servicemark is a specialized trademark that identifies a service rather than a product. It is generally used in advertising or the internet, since there is no “package” to place the mark on as there is with a product trademark.

A certification mark is also a specialized form of trademark that identifies an entity which certifies the quality of a good or a service. Correct use of a certification mark requires care and attention to maintain its validity.

How Schultz & Associates Can Help You With Your Trademark

A well-known mark associated with a corporate, product or domain name is tremendously important to the success of a company. Choosing a mark or domain name already in use, or allowing another entity to infringe on an established mark or domain name, are just two scenarios that can have serious negative financial consequences for a company. Schultz & Associates has trained professionals who conduct searches to determine whether a proposed mark or domain name is already in use, or whether another company has filed to register a mark or domain name that may be confusingly similar to your own.

Schultz & Associates can help ensure that your trademark, servicemark and domain name portfolios, whether large or small, are efficiently managed and protected both domestically and internationally.

Schultz & Associates offers a full range of trademark services, including:

  • Representation and handling of proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, as well as in State and Federal Courts in matters such as challenges to the client’s trademark and cancellations of a trademark.
  • In-depth trademark, servicemark and domain name analysis to reveal possible lapses in current coverage; identification of potential areas of new trademark, servicemark or domain name protection.
  • Scheduled monitoring of proposed marks, to guard against dilution or publication of confusingly similar marks.
  • Comparison of client’s portfolio to the marks of competitors.
  • Filing of mark applications; interaction with the United States Patent and Trademark Office examiners throughout the prosecution phase and, if required, through the appeals phase.
  • Management of client’s portfolio, including docketing, maintenance, renewals and responding to other routine office actions.
  • Litigation of trademark, servicemark, trade name, and trade dress disputes.

Examples of a Trademark Filed and Maintained by Schultz & Associates.

Sticky Paws Tiger Flow Make A Plate
Robertson's Hams Cunningham & Lindsey GroGreen
Success Jalitos Westlake Chemical