Copyrights are a form of legal protection that is granted for original works or authorship; they include various rights such as reproduction, distribution and derivation. As with patents and trademarks, copyrights are intellectual property and subject to each country’s own laws and regulations.

Copyrights protect the original authorship in works such as songs, photographs, computer software and architecture. While copyrights do not protect the ideas or concepts themselves, they do protect the form, way, or manner in which the idea or concept is expressed.

How Schultz & Associates Can Help You With Your Copyright

The requirements established by the U.S. Copyright Office for obtaining a copyright are much less stringent than those for obtaining either a patent or trademark. The primary value provided by Schultz & Associates is in the protection of your copyrighted material.

We will work with you to provide cost-effective counsel focusing on the protection of copyright assets through licensing agreements, assignment of rights, distribution agreements and, if required, litigation.

Schultz & Associates offers a full range of copyright services, including:

  • Prosecution, in both U.S. and foreign copyright offices, of copyright applications from initial filing to copyright issuance.
  • Analysis of copyright portfolios to insure full protection.
  • Maintenance of copyright portfolios to ensure compliance with U.S. and international copyright office requirements.
  • Litigation, in both domestic and foreign courts, to prevent or curtail copyright infringement.